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Please use the tutorial videos and articles below to help you set up and run your FestivalPro system.

If you need any help please click on the support tab once you login to your system, a support ticket will be created, and one of our team will get back to you.

Adding an artist

How to add an artist:

1. Mouseover 'Artist' from the top green menu and select 'Add an Artist'.
2. On the page which appears, full in the information you have (more can be added as and when you would like).
3. Add a contact email and name to the artist so they can log in and view contracts and advances.
4. Click 'Add'.

Adding a Custom Field

How to create a custom field:

To edit or create a custom field you must be logged in as a Config user.
1. First go to Fields - General.
2. On this page, you can see what fields are already on the system.


Edit a Custom Field

How to edit a custom field:

To edit or create a custom field you must be logged in as a Config user.
1. First go to Fields - General.
2. On this page, you can see what fields are already on the system.


Add a Form or Event Field

How to Add a Form or Event Field:

To edit or create a custom field you must be logged in as a Config.
1. For an event - go to 'Forms & Events'. (The only difference between the two is the ability to take money through an event, but not through a form).


Edit an Email Template and Send

How to Edit an Email Template and Send:

To edit or create an email template you must be logged in as a Config or Organiser user. These instructions are if you are logged in as an organiser.


Change User Access

How to Enable External User Login:

Please be aware this example is for an artist. The same applies to Staff, Vendors, Volunteers, Sponsors and Guests. The menus are similar for each, and each can be given access to the system in exactly the same way.


How to link your STRIPE account

Please follow the instructions below to link your Stripe account to your FestivalPro system:

1. Click on this link: Connect with Stripe

2. On this page create an account by filling in the form or if your already have one use the link at the top to log in.

3. Once you log in you'll see a menu on the left. On the menu on the left, click on Developers and then API Keys.


4. On the API screen you will see a table with NAME and TOKEN. (See below)


First, copy the token labelled 'Publishable Key'. Leave this tab open on your browser.

5. In a new tab, login to your FestivalPro account as a 'config' user. On the top green menu go to 'Configuration' and the first option in that drop down > 'Configuration'. A menu of tabs will appear - click on the 'Accounts' tab. Halfway down the page you'll see two input boxes labelled STRIPESECRETKEY and STRIPEKEY. Paste the 'Publishable Key' in this box. (See below).


6. Then, go back to the Stripe API webpage and click on 'Reveal live key token' next to the 'Secret Key label'.


7. On your FestivalPro system, above where you pasted the STRIPEKEY, paste the STRIPESECRETKEY.

8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

More Tutorials

To add an artist

1. Mouseover 'Artist' from the top green menu and select 'Add New'.
2. On the page which appears, full in the information you have (more can be added as and when you would like) and 3. click 'Add'.


1. Go to the artist's detail page and on the left click on 'Send Email'.
2. On the page which appears, pick the recipient of the email, then choose 'Artist Advance' from the email template list. The email will automatically full with all the information from the artists details page.


An artist (or a representative of) can log in and full in details
3. They will be able to log and full in the form themselves, as well as view and sign off contracts.


View the form entry
4. Hover over 'Artist' on the green menu and click on 'Advancing Returns'.
5. Scroll to the artist and click 'View' and all the information gathered will display.


When either adding an artist or editing the artist you can set the stage, date, time and set duration. This will automatically add the performance to the calendar.


View the festival calendar
Mouseover the 'Artist' option on the green menu and click on 'Show Festival Calendar'.


Changing the stage times
You can move the performance by dragging it to the desired time. Or click on the edit button (shown below) and changing the times in the input boxes.


The present volunteer form can be sent to anyone to fill out. Once they have, you can be sent an email notification and you can choose whether to accept or decline the offer.


Arrange the volunteers timetables
Once accepted you can arrange when and where the volunteers work by using the click and drag on the calendar or change them via their main details screen.


Hover over 'Guests' on the top green menu and click on 'Add New Guest'. On the screen which appears fill in the details like name, email and the amount of guests allowed.


A guest can log in and fill in the form:
After the guest is added you can send them an email (select the email template from the drop down). The email will use mail merge to autofill and contain their login details. They can fill in details like names, car registration and anything else you wish to gather from them.


Adding a task:
Under 'Production Manager' move the mouse over and click on 'Add'. This simple layout will appear where you can easily add a task with a much details as you like.


Viewing the tasks:
Click on 'Show' and then the project you would like to view. The tasks in this project will appear, where you can edit the delivery date, status and assigned to.


Set up an event template:
Sign in as a Config user to change the page template.
1. Go to Files > Web Templates.
2. Then click 'Add Template'.
3. On this page insert a template name and the header and footer (in HTML) and the styling (CSS), then click 'Save'. If you need any help with this, please get in touch.


Set up an event
1. Go to 'Organiser' > 'Events' and scroll to the event entitled 'Tickets'. Click on the yellow 'Settings' button.
2. On this page set the date, template and any other settings you'd like to alter and click save. (These can be changed at any time).


Edit Ticket types and options
Scroll down the above page to the yellow button 'Form Fields'


Make sure your CSV spreadsheet is ready to import. (If you go to 'System' > 'Configuration' > 'Download Template' there is a CSV for you to download and input your information or get an idea of the layout).
Sign in as a Config and go to 'System' on the top green menu > 'Configuration' > 'Import CSV'.


Choosing your file
You'll land on this screen where you click on browse to find the file on your computer, then press 'Next'.


Matching columns to fields
Upon landing on this screen you will see,to the left, two columns. The first one is a list of each column title you have in your CSV. The second column (containing drop-downs) are the fields in FestivalPro.


If you click on a drop down, you can match what is there to your CSV - so 'Company Name' will match 'Company Name'. This is where you put the artist/band name, as well as the vendor names, contractors, etc.


Creating a new field
If one of your fields doesn't match what is already in FestivalPro -the top selection is '--- Create New Field ---', click on this option. A popup will appear for you to select the type of field and choose the name. When you have clicked on save, the field will be added.


Importing if there are already details in the system:
If you already have entries in the system and you are importing a CSV which may contain the same information, there is a drop down to choose what to do with duplicates.


When this is done click 'NEXT'.
You will be directed to a page with the list of previous imports.

User Flow Charts

Here is a list of flow diagrams. We have put them together to show you the various ways the artists, vendors or volunteers can be go through the system. From entering their details to sending them advances and receiving deposits.

Artist Management Flow Diagram

Vendor Management Flow Diagram

Volunteer Management Flow Diagram

Contractor Management Flow Diagram

Sponsor Management Flow Diagram

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